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Q0. Important Note : Ahead of contacting 3TEMP…….
Q1. Brewer Performance - Unusual Sound and Poor Taste
Q2. Our Service and Support Platform - 3temp.online
Q3. What about the warranty on 3TEMP products?
Q4. How do I get in touch with a sales representative?
Q5. How do I contact 3TEMP support?
Q6. Where can I find information on how to service a 3TEMP brewer?
Q7. Is there information available on how to replace components in your brewers?
Q8. What is the lead time for purchasing a HIPSTER PULS, KOBRA, or WALL?
Q9. What are the external requirements for installing a Hipster or 3TEMP brewer?
Q10. Where can I purchase your brewers?
Q11. What's the difference between 3temp.com and 3temp.online?
Q12. If I have an idea or suggestion for new products or improvements, where should I turn?
Q13. What is included when purchasing a HIPSTER?
Q14. Can you tell me more about the cold brew function?
Q15. What do the different colors and blinking patterns on the LED light of the keypad mean?
Q16. What grind size do you recommend for your brewers?
Q17. I need guidance on Getting the Brewer Online
Q18. I have connectivity Issues with the App and/or the router
Q19. How to Get Your Brewer Online
Q20. The Brewer indicates it's brewing (LED blinking blue), but the brewing process doesn't start. What could be wrong?
Q21. The brewer can make coffee, but when I try to make warm drinks, it just blinks blue and nothing happens, and the timer acts erratically.
Q22. When I start the brew, it begins brewing but then stops abruptly.
Q23. The brew starts, a bit of water comes out, but then it suddenly stops.
Q24. The Brewer displays an overheating error.
Q25. When I start the Brewer, it indicates it's overheated, and after some time of brewing, it stops and says the Brewer is overheated.
Q26. All the recipes have disappeared from the keypad, and I can't start any recipe.
Q27. What is an IO error?
Q28. My brewer is showing a heater error with temperatures like 400 or 500. Isn't that dangerously hot?
Q29. What is a watersupply-error?
Q30. Why does water come out of a hole in the brewer instead of into the coffee when I start brewing?
Q31. How do I descale a brewer?
Q32. How does the descaling routine work?
Q33. Will there be an app for iOS and iPhone?
Q34. Where can I download the app for Android?
Q35. The 3TEMP app crashes constantly.
Q36. The 3TEMP app is not finding the brewer, or my tablet can't find the brewer.
Q37. I have heard rumors, can I develop my own routines for a 3TEMP brewer?
Q38. Why aren't you more visible in markets, fairs, social media, etc.?
Q39. What's happening with 3TEMP in 2024?
Q40. Are you hiring, and can I help with anything?
Q41. How do I become a distributor or retailer?
Q42. What's the best thing about your brewers?
Q43. What is the price for a brewer?
Q44. Who needs a CPA?
Q45. Why the need of a CPA scale?
Q46. Can i convert CPA into microns?
Q47. Give some info about 3TEMPS origin and history
Q48. What is a UL cerificate
Q49. What is NSF?
Q50. What is CB Cerificate?
Q51. What is LCA?
Q52. What is ECBC?
Q53. What electrical safety standards do 3TEMP follow in EU and UK?
Q54. What electrical safety standards do 3TEMP follow in North America?
Q55. What hygiene standard do 3TEMP follow in North America?
Q56. Is your 3TEMP brewers ECBC certified?
Q57. How do i get access to 3TEMP.ONLINE?
Q58. I want to set up an 3TEMP.ONLINE account, what do i need to do?
Q59. What is 3TEMP's address, email phone details?
Q60. What is 3TEMPS's VAT number?
Q61. The brewer gives a 'CHECK HATVALVE' error. What should I do?
Q62. Why is my RO-System (Reversed Osmosis) failing?
Q63. Can you give some information about the thermoses (servers)?
Q64. How do I reset a user's forgotten password?
Q65. How are passwords stored at 3temp.online?
Q66. Why can't I create a company even though I'm an administrator?
Q67. Why must email and phone numbers be unique for an account?
Q68. How do I create a company for a customer?
Q69. A customer can't see their brewers, what should I do?
Q70. Why are usernames complex?
Q71. What are ´Starred´ brewers?
Q72. What is the QR code used for?
Q73. I've forgoten my pin code to access my brewer with the qr-code/direct link, what should I do?
Q74. Why shouldn't a customer have an account linked to my company?
Q75. Does the QR code work if my brewer is offline?
Q76. Can I connect my brewer to my own fixed network?
Q77. Why do I receive notficatons about the 3temp.online service expiring, and what should I do?
Q78. Many of my brewers are not online, what can I do?
Q79. My brewer is not correctly located on the map, what can I do?
Q80. In the finance section, I see my invoices. Can I pay these with a credit card like visa mastercard and American Express?
Q81. How do I find support information about 3TEMP and their products?
Q82. Do I need to be logged in to 3TEMP.ONLINE to find the information I'm looking for?
Q83. How do I get an account on 3temp.online?
Q84. How do I log in to 3temp.online?
Q85. Is there any information about 3temp.online or a manual that describes its functions?
Q86. I want to learn more about 3TEMP, your foundational ideas, and why your products have features that your competitors don't!
Q87. Where can I find manuals, software, apps, and other types of documents about 3TEMP products?
Q88. Explain EX-WORKS, what is that?